multi-family loan program

Fast Approval, Flexible Financing for Multi-Family Investment Properties

We offer multi-family bridge loans for 5-30 unit value-add opportunities

Need fast financing for the acquisition, rehabilitation, lease-up or repositioning of a multi-family property?

We can provide a simple and straightforward process for real estate investors looking for value-add opportunities in their investment properties.

Our multi-family bridge loan product is available for up to 30 units with low hard money rates starting at 10%.

How to Qualify for a Multi-Family Bridge Loan

Here are the funding guidelines for a Multi-family loan with Longleaf Lending.

Loan Value $250,000-$10,000,000
LTV Up to 70% ARV
LTC Up to 85%
Interest Rate 10-12% (interest only)
Points 1-3
Term 6-24 months
Closing Time As fast as 2 weeks
Rehab 100% financed
FICO 660 minimum

To apply for a loan, simply click the button below and follow the instructions. The application process is fast and easy — it doesn’t take more than a minute!

What is a Multi-family bridge loan?

Longleaf Lending’s Multi-Family Bridge Loan Program is a type of financing which can be used to acquire or renovate a residential property that has 5 to 30 units. These types of properties are commonly referred to as multi-family properties.

With a faster approval process than traditional lending methods, a hard money multi-family bridge loan can help a real estate investor move faster, execute plans quicker, and seize opportunities that may not be available with traditional financing.

Who would best benefit with a Multi-Family bridge loan?

Our Multi-Family Bridge Loan Program is designed for real estate investors and property owners who wish to purchase or renovate multi-family properties.

This short-term or interim loan is offered on a 6 months to 2 year term and can help a real estate investor move quicker in seizing value-add opportunities as they come.

A multi-family bridge loan is intended to be a short-term solution that can help investors bridge the gap until they can secure a longer term financing. This can be particularly useful for investors who want to move quickly and avoid the longer processing times and stricter requirements associated with traditional financing.

For investors who qualify, you will get the same fast closes, flexibility, and simple process Longleaf Lending is known for.

If you are such real estate investor and want to start building a relationship with us, apply for pre-approval today.

Why Should You Choose Longleaf Lending as your Multi-Family Lender?

If you are looking for a fast and reliable hard money lender, choose Longleaf Lending as your long-term partner.

We let our track record with our former and existing clients speak for itself.

Fastest Closings

We close about 2 months faster than traditional lenders -- as fast as 2 weeks!

Easy and Efficient Process

As a direct lender, we control the process. Trust us - it's simple.

100% Rehab Financing

Our loans can cover 100% of the rehab needed for your flip project.

660 Minimum FICO

We require a 660 minimum credit score to be approved for a multi-family loan.

Build a Long-Term Partnership

Build a relationship with a trusted reliable lending partner. You'll know what to expect, everytime.

Multi-Family Bridge Loan vs. Conventional Loan

Multi family bridge loans come with unique advantages compared to traditional loans from banks and other lenders.

Here are some of them below:

Faster Process

With a multi-family loan from Longleaf Lending, you can expect a fast and easy application process that enables you to seize opportunities as quickly as they come.

Repairs Covered

The funds from the Longleaf Expert Flip Loan cover both the purchase and the repair of the property. This can take a lot of burden off from the mind (and wallet!) of the real estate investor.

Flexible Terms

Traditional loans are notoriously known for tedious processes, strict rules, and burdensome regulations. A multi-family loan, on the other hand, offers flexibility and a simple hassle-free process. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of the borrower, offering you peace of mind that more than compensates for the higher rate versus traditional lenders.

No strict limitations on property type and condition

While banks and traditional lenders have strict regulations on the types of renovations and property condition they will approve for funding, with a multi-family loan, you can access a wider range of properties that may not be available with traditional financing. This can help investors grow their portfolios more quickly and with greater ease.

Short-term financing

Our multi-family bridge loan program is intended to be a short-term solution that can help investors bridge the gap until they can secure a longer term financing. This loan program can help you avoid the longer processing times and stricter requirements associated with traditional financing, allowing you to grab value-add opportunities before they disappear.

Ready to get started?

You can apply even if you do not yet have a target property in mind. We can also supply a proof of funds letter to help strengthen your next offer.

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