Earn 9-11% by investing in hard money loans backed by Texas real estate.

Build your high-yield note portfolio with Longleaf Lending.

What does Longleaf do?

We originate and service hard money loans (private loans) from high-quality borrowers in the state of Texas.

These loans have several features favored by investors:
  • Short-duration: our average loan is paid off within 6 months
  • High-yield: 9-11% investor rates
  • Real-estate backed: secured by first liens on Texas real estate
  • Low-LTVs: our loans feature <70% LTVs
  • Diversification: invest in multiple deals to create a loan portfolio
  • Tax-advantaged: ideal product for self-directed or solo 401k/IRA accounts
invest in hard money loans in Texas

How does it work?

Longleaf Lending originates and funds first lien real estate loans. We then offer participation opportunities in individual notes.

By investing, you’ll get paid monthly as we collect interest from the borrower.

When the borrower completes the project and either sells or refinances, we’ll return your principal so that you can invest again.

High-yield rates

We offer investors 9-11% APRs

Direct lender

We originate and service our loans in-house

Texas specialist

We have extensive local knowledge of the Texas markets


Our average loan is paid off within 6 months

Lender friendly

Texas is a non-judicial state

Low LTVs

We lend up to 70% LTV

About us.

Longleaf Lending is a well-capitalized, veteran-owned hard money lender hyper-focused on the Texas market. Since 2018, we have funded more than 375 hard money loans and $90 million in deal value.

The co-founders have over 15 combined years of real-estate, lending, and investment banking experience and over $20 billion of capital raised. You can read more about Pete, Matt, and the team here.

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