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Quick and reliable financing for ground-up new construction projects

Need financing for a ground up construction project?

Our Ground-up Loan Program is a specialized funding solution tailored specifically for real estate investors and developers who are undertaking new construction projects from the ground up. Unlike traditional lending institutions that often have stringent requirements and lengthy approval processes, our hard money financing offers a streamlined and efficient approach to funding your projects.

Longleaf Lending offers up to $3.5M funding for single-family residential, townhomes, and also for 2-4 unit development. 660 minimum FICO needed, with rates starting at 12%.

How to Qualify for a Ground-up Construction Loan

Here are the funding guidelines for a Ground-up New Construction Financing with Longleaf Lending.

Loan Value $150,000-$3,500,000
LTV Up to 70% ARV
LTC Up to 85%
Interest Rate 12-13%
Points 1-3
Term 6-12 months
Closing Time As fast as 2 weeks
Rehab 100% financed
FICO 660

To apply for a loan, simply click the button below and follow the instructions. The application process is fast and easy — it doesn’t take more than a minute!

What is a Ground-up Construction Loan?

A ground-up construction loan is a special loan program created for real estate investors who need quick access to capital to purchase and develop a property.

It is available for single-family residential, townhomes, and also for 2-4 unit development.

With Longleaf Lending’s competitive rates, flexible terms, and fast approval times, you can be assured of a true partnership between our team and yours.

Our team of experienced loan officers understands the real estate market and the unique challenges investors face when seeking financing. We work with you to understand your project’s goals and create a customized lending solution to meet your needs.

Who would best benefit with a ground-up construction loan?

A ground-up construction loan is specially design for the savvy real estate investor who wants to seize an opportunity in a vacant piece of land and develop it for rental or sale.

It is also great for an experienced real estate investor or contractor who wants to capitalize on a new project but cannot wait for bank financing.

A ground-up loan may likewise be used for fix and flip projects that require extensive rehabilitation of the property or significant vertical or horizontal additions.

If you are a real estate investor similar to the ones described above, submit your pre-approval application today and our team will reach out to you.

Why Should You Choose Longleaf Lending as your Ground-up Construction Lender?

If you are looking for a fast and reliable hard money lender, choose Longleaf Lending as your long-term partner.

We let our track record with our former and existing clients speak for itself.

Fastest Closings

Close your loans faster. No need to wait for a long time. We can close in as fast as 2 weeks!

Easy and Efficient Process

As a direct lender, we control the process. Trust us - it's simple.

100% Rehab Financing

Our loans can cover 100% of the rehab needed for your flip project.

660 Minimum FICO

We require a 660 minimum credit score to qualify for a ground-up loan.

Build a Long-Term Partnership

Build a relationship with a trusted reliable lending partner. You'll know what to expect, everytime.

Ground-up Loan vs. Conventional Loan

Ground-up construction loans come with unique advantages compared to traditional loans from banks and other lenders.

Here are some of them below:

Speed & Efficiency

With a ground-up loan from Longleaf Lending, you can expect a fast and easy application process that enables you to beat the competition and avoid missing out on any deals. Our ground-up financing offers quick approval and funding, allowing you to seize lucrative opportunities without delay.

Asset-based Lending

Our ground-up loan is based on the value of the property itself. This means that even if you have less-than-perfect credit or limited experience, you can still qualify for our financing solutions.

Flexible Terms

Traditional loans are notoriously known for tedious processes, strict rules, and burdensome regulations. Say goodbye to the lengthy paperwork and bureaucratic red tape associated with traditional lenders.

No strict limitations on property type and condition

While banks and traditional lenders have strict regulations on the types of renovations and property condition they will approve for funding, with a ground up hard money loan, you can secure a loan for properties that are in a state of disrepair.

No pre-payment penalties

In traditional loans, you will typically get penalized for paying off the loan before its maturity date. With a ground-up loan, that is not the case. Structured specifically to cater to the needs of a real estate investor, the ground-up loan will help real estate investors make a quick turnaround on their investment.

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